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Russia, Rostov-on-Don, Menjinskogo st., 2
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Rostovsky Pressovo-Raskroyny Zavod Ltd. (Rostov press-cutting plant Ltd.)   - is the biggest plant in Russia, supplying conveyors Machine-Building Enterprises with the items of laser cutting and sheet-metal pressworking.

Principal directions of RPRZ Ltd. activity:

  • laser cutting,
  • sheet-metal stamping,
  • multiple-purpose sheet metal forming,
  • pattern cutting. 

RPRZ Ltd. renders services in metalworking (die stamping, forming, laser cutting) to the enterprises of agricultural mechanical engineering and motor vehicle industry, to the manufacturers of home appliances and metal furniture. Among other factors our key customers are “Сombine harvester manufacturer Rostselmash” Company with annual production volume over 7000 combines, the manufacturer of heating coppers ZAVOD KONORD Ltd. and others.

RPRZ Ltd. has the largest park of the laser equipment in Russia and Europe, which allows in short terms to satisfy requirements of all clients on laser cutting and forming.

RPRZ Ltd. is a wide spectrum of possibilities in the field of cold sheet-metal stamping (small, middle, large stamping of details and articles, deep drawing details).

RPRZ Ltd. has considerable advantages in raw materials on account of cooperation with the largest   iron and steel Companies of the Russian Federation.

We offer services in forming, die stamping, lengthwise and crosscut laser sheet metal  (coil metal) cutting on a by-order basis  in Rostov-on-Don, and other cities and regions of Russia.

The advantage of cooperation with RPRZ Ltd. for the industrial manufacturers is that our enterprise undertakes all work on manufacturing of details, its further processing, and packing. One of our main advantages is availability of own tool producing units.

We suggest the enterprises to use actively the outsourcing, in other words to delegate some production functions to the other Company specializing in similar field.

The principle of outsourcing is:  «I leave to myself only that services I can do better than others, I transfer to the external executor that services he performs better than others».

RPRZ Ltd. provides services involving laser cutting, forming, and die stamping of metal.

We do our job better than others!



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